Panamá en un Bombón

Oro Moreno, Panama

Pralines by Oro Moreno

Company: Oro Moreno, Panama

Origin: ForestFinance cocoa forest in Bocas del Toro, Panama. All other ingredients are 100 per cent Panamanian origin. Made by Oro Moreno in Panama City.

Product description:

Fine, handcrafted chocolates with traditional Panamanian flavours: pineapple, maracuya, coriander, Ron Abuelo rum, and Aji Chombo (Panama Habanero).

Exact place of origin:

GPS: 09°17.1466’N 82°24.9298’W


Bocas del Toro – Panama City
Road transport.

Further certifications:

  • The ForestFinance cocoa forest is part of the CO2OL climate protection project "Tropical Mix", certified by "The Gold Standard"
  • UTZ Certified cocoa