From the roots to the final product

The RootProof label gives consumers more transparency by showing them exactly where the main product components, or the whole product comes from.

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About RootProof

With RootProof, the origin of a product becomes transparent.

The RootProof seal offers the buyer maps and exact GPS data locations of where the product is grown, which can be found either directly on the product or by following links (QR codes, URLs, etc.) on a mobile phone. Producers and retailers have earned the right to use the RootProof label on their products when they are able to provide this data, and agree to random, unannounced verification checks. Moreover, producers can add further qualifying features to their RootProof seal, such as, organic, eco or sustainability certificates and information about on-site working conditions, and processing procedures. Having the RootProof seal requires keeping the RootProof management informed and up-to-date regarding the on-site working conditions and processing.


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RootProof is not a replacement for the, organic, eco or sustainability labels and certificates. This means, RootProof certified products can also have (additional) qualifying certificates.